Welcome to BNUK, founded in 1915 as one of the longest established kindergartens, with over 100 years of history.

Book of Changes says, “Enlightened education equals great achievement.” At the time of its establishment in 1915, BNUK was called an “Enlightened Kindergarten” and we have continued to explore the true meaning of "Enlightened".

Principal Jiao Zhen pointed out that, “As a BNU affiliated kindergarten, we have the responsibility of being leadership in innovation.” Over the years, every generation of BNUKers have taken that responsibility to heart. The past century has been a century of tradition and heritage, a century filled with innovation and exploration and a century of continuous development of early childhood education philosophy in China. The learnings distilled over 100+ years are becoming the new starting point for our new adventure.

Early childhood education is arguably the most critical area for humankind’s sustainable development. Diversity makes us smarter. On behalf of all BNUKers, we are committed to work with all educators around the world on continue exploring the divine task and realizing vision of education.

Shan Huang
Beijing Normal University Kindergarten

News & Events

Since the 1970s and 1980s,BNUK has established friendly relations with kindergartens and schools in many countries and regions.

As China rings in the Year of the Ox, Principal Huang Shan, on behalf of the party branch and administrative leading group , has successively attended...